Tuesday, February 22, 2011

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today's entry is one of the most I've been waiting for.
Sometimes it seems that people and even the same fans, believe that which we consider most toristas that bullfighters, lack certain sensibilities.
I will not now enter into debate with something as mentioned.
If this were so, I probably would not be writing this entry. We recall tasks
ears, large door of eternal rounds of muletazos, but sometimes an epic evening marks the trajectory of a matador.
This year, the late John Mora opened the Puerta Grande de Madrid, I was lucky to share a great day with Valentín Mingo and if there is something that excited me, apart from what the teacher Juan Mora, was to see the outpouring of support and love Valentin received each step he took by the most demanding fans at Las Ventas. All
reminded Afternoon Moreno Silva and gave her strength to be able to see him back in that city.
There is proof that leaving behind the injustices done since that day, Valentine is still someone to whom the public expects Madrid.
not go into details of the "season" Valentine's happened, but if every time we talked, I expected a story and it never came, or rather, "disappeared"
Now at last and after much waiting, and can be confirmed, Valentine has signed a contract to make the choice this season!
all know it's a decision more than risky, but I hope that this dream has both expected and will be completed shortly, will serve to enter sites that should never have left. GOOD LUCK
for being such good fans, Torero and FRIEND! We will be there
! Soon
cartel say, comrades, livestock ...


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